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Enigma - Battleship Drinking Game

Well you're in for a nostalgic treat with this classic childhood board game turned coma-inducing adult drinking game. Mauricio (Tony) Harion, the game's designer, calls this game Enigma, however, I like to refer to it by a more fitting title, Battleshots.

Gameplay follows the rules of its traditional counterpart, but it has to be a drinking game somehow, right? Each player's battleships has a proportionate amount of shot glasses aboard instead of pegs, and whenever a ship takes a hit, the owner takes the corresponding shot. When a player misses, they are required to take a sip of water. I have changed this as well, so when I play, each player is required to have a beer and take a sip of this when they do not make a successful attack.

I've contacted the designer and I'm scouring the internet for an order link, so I'll update this post when I have more information for anyone that might be interested.


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